A Better Company Brings Better Results

Millennium Communications Group (MCG) is a full-service communications company founded in 1995. The company has made its mark in the industry as a highly skilled and reliable source of engineering, construction, and technical solutions. With a long list of clients and prestigious projects in both the private and public sectors, MCG is the network construction provider of choice.

Between the CEO, President, and Vice President there is an accumulation of over one hundred years of experience in the communications industry. As our client, you will find the members of our management team have a sense of pride and ownership in every project they handle for you.

MCG is committed to providing the highest standards of workmanship, and the most technologically advanced solutions in the industry. Through our dedication we have developed strategic partnerships, alliances, and relationships with many customers, vendors, and even skilled competitors. Every relationship we develop has been on the basis of providing the beneficiary with the same attention to detail that MCG provides to our existing customers every day.

The management and staff at MCG are constantly trained so that we as a company can continue to support our clients in an exceptional manner. This support requires outstanding workmanship, consistent network acceptance procedures, and thorough documentation of all completed tasks. Ultimately, achieving the standards we set out to accomplish will provide our customers with the value-added service that sets our company apart from our competition.